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How to Analyze VoIP SIP Calls in Wireshark

Analyzing SIP packets is one of the most common ways to troubleshoot VoIP issues in the network or systems. Wireshark is a very helpful tool when it comes to analyzing VoIP SIP calls. Therefore, it is good to be able to monitor the VoIP traffic and capture the SIP packets. Wireshark provides the possibility to detect the VoIP calls in a trace and analyze them accordingly.

In order to detect the VoIP calls in a Wireshark trace, you need to select from the top menu: Telephony –> VoIP Calls.┬áThen a new window appears which lists all the calls that were found in the trace, and information regarding the start/end time, From/To headers, etc.┬áSelect a call from the list, and press “Flow“. Continue reading